Micheal Brun - Peze Kafe

Director: Neron Power

Producer: Jamie Cox

Production Company: Rich Power Films



Michael Brun is a Haitian DJ and record producer who wanted a narrative music video which didn't cameo him or any of the featured artists. We pitched an idea based on the inspiring story of this young boy in Sierra Leone who created his own FM radio station from scraps.


Michael originally wanted it to be shot in his homeland, Haiti, but it wasn't possible to shoot there due to budget constraints so the challenge after concept approval was finding the country to film in. With less than a week to begin production, Jamie Cox (our producer on this) honed in on Morocco as he knew a fixer there who could help him interact with the locals.


Upon arrival in Morocco, we had a location scout to find areas we could potentially film in as well as finding actors, props and generally exploring the area before commencing a two-day shoot, hopping on a return flight and then a 7-day turnaround edit before delivering the edit. This video is a great testament to Neron's versatility and on-the-fly creativity with a lot of it having to rely on improvisational skills.


Our bespoke music video service is perfect for a shoot like this which requires specifications outside an ordinary full day shoot as it allows for us to include a multi-day shoot, travel & accommodation costs, per diems and equipment hire tailored to your budget and needs.


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